A selection of old projects and work

Gravity Wars

Sole developer of Gravity Wars, a PC game built in Visual C++. Recreated it in various languages: Flash (2010), Lua for iOS (2015), Lua with Love2D (2020).

Golden Key Festival

Created a website and backend for client to handle user registration, management, and administration. Developed custom PDF generation, OCR solution, and email notification pipeline. Designed and implemented a simplified workflow for the business to manage all data with searchable DataTables, automated data backups and Excel export.


Worked with numerous clients setting up, customizing, and migrating WordPress installations. Created a theme that was downloaded over 40,000 times.

UI Design

Created skins for various applications, including LiteStep themes; they have been downloaded thousands of times.

Poster Design

Poster design for a variety of events tied to the Effective Altruism movement. Custom chart design & design for clients.